The telephone follow Service

My telephone follow up service has been set up to allow prompt feedback about any treatment strategies that I institute at my pain clinic.

If I prescribe a drug or change the dosage, I ring my patients up to see what effects it's having. I want to know whether the patient is tolerating it well or whether they are experiencing any unpleasant side effects. It may be that the drug is not working at all in which case I will look for an alternative strategy. I ensure that all the drugs I prescribe are properly monitored. It usually takes several phone calls over 4-6 weeks to safely establish someone on a particular drug.

I follow all patients that have had pain interventional procedure by telephone consultation, usually at two weeks. I have a detailed discussion about what effect it's had on an individual's pain condition and also discuss reducing the pain medications at that time.

I use these phone calls to educate patients as to what they can expect from their drugs and procedures and when and how they should seek further guidance and help.

I follow all my consultations with a letter to the GP and other related specialists and send a copy to the patient as well so that everyone is kept informed.

It's about taking absolute responsibility. It is fundamental to my practice

I do not charge for my telephone follow up service.
Telephone Interviews+ Call Back Service

These are quite separate from the "Telephone Follow Up Service" described above.

These are telephone consultations that have been designed for patients who are thinking about having a proper consultation with me but they feel they would like to know more about my approach as a pain specialist, and my skills.

It may also be useful for patients who attend another pain clinic and feel they would like to have a further discussion with another specialist in the field. This would not constitute a formal second opinion but nevertheless it is something that a patient may find useful.

I do not offer any specific advice about changing a drug dose or prescribing a new one but can guide patients in their pain management in a general capacity.

Register your interest for Call Back





Any enquiry will be met with a free personal telephone call back consultation. I will make an assessment of your pain problems and outline how my pain clinic may be able to help you.

Subsequent telephone consultations may be booked as 15 minute slots. They cost £50 which includes the cost of the call. They may be booked through my Practice Manager.

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