Useful Pain Management Links
 Hospital Affiliations

     Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic and District NHS Trust

     Nuffield Hospital, Shrewsbury

     Spire Yale, Wrexham

     Nuffield Hospital, The Grosvenor Hospital, Chester

     Highgate Hospital, Highgate, London

     BMI Hospitals, Fitzroy Square Hospital, London (formerly St Lukes)

 Membership of Learned Institutions and Societies

     Royal College of Anaesthetists

     World Institute of Pain

     American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians

     International Association for the Study of Pain

 Links to other Learned Institutions and Societies

     The British Pain Society

     International Spine Intervention Society

     The National Library for Health

     The American Pain Society

     The Pain Relief Foundation

     The National Pain Foundation

 Information relating to Specific Pain Conditions

     Medline Plus: Back pain

     Medline Plus: Neck pain

     Medline Plus: Abdominal Pain

     Brain & Spine Foundation - Atypical face pain / chronic facial pain

     Mayo Clinic: Chest Pain

     Fibromyalgia Association

     The Herpes Viruses Association

 Patient Support Organisations

     Pain Concern

     Pain Talk

     Pain Pathways

 Companies involved in Pain Medicine


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