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Consultations - Fees Payable

New Patient Appointment

London- £300
Outside London - £250

(I allow one hour for a New Patient Appointment)

Follow up Appointment

London - £150
Outside London - £150

(I allow 30 mins for a Follow Up Appointment)

Financially, Consultants act independently of both the Private Hospitals and the Insurance Companies, and are free to set their own fees. Doctors and Surgeon's Operating Fees have traditionally followed fee scales published by the Private Medical Insurance Companies; the most commonly used being published by BUPA. These fees have not been raised for many procedures since 1993, leading to progressive erosion in reimbursement despite rising expenses, particularly in Professional Indemnity Insurance.

For this reason, I no longer work to any Insurer's fee schedule. Many Insurers have recently carried out a recoding exercise and downgraded the fees payable. There is now a considerable discrepancy between what I invoice for Interventional Pain Procedures and the amount the Insurer will cover. The shortfall is the responsibility of each individual patient treated.

Listed below are my fees for the main procedures that I carry out:

OPCS Code Procedure Description BUPA FEE (£) MY FEE (£) MY FEE
Outside London (£)
A5290 Transforaminal Epidural (TFE) 249.00 500.00 450.00
A5200 Cervical Epidural 208.00 500.00 450.00
A5210 Caudal Epidural Injection 167.00 400.00 350.00
A5220 Thoracic Epidural (Always done as TFE) 208.00 500.00 450.00
A5750 Facet joint/ median nerve blocks under X-ray control-up to 2 joints 167.00 450.00 400.00
A5760 Facet joint/ median nerve blocks under X-ray control-3-4 joints 208.00 500.00 450.00
A5720 Facet or sacroiliac joint (SIJ), radiofrequency thermocoagulation incl Rhizolysis (under X-ray) 4 452.00 650.00
Facet jt
850 SIJ
Facet Jt
800 SIJ
A5730 Facet radiofrequency thermocoagulation incl Rhizolysis (under X-ray) 5-6 Jts 508.00 700.00 650.00
A5790 Sacro iliac Joint injection 167.00 450.00 400.00
25020 Intravenous Regional (Guanethidine) Sympathetic Blockade (always done with GA in my practice) 137.00 450.00 400.00
25022 Stellate Ganglion Block using LA 167.00 450.00 400.00
25100 Coeliac plexus, Splanchnic, Hypogastric block 335.00 550.00 500.00
A7500 Lumbar Sympathetic Blockade 289.00 500.00 450.00
A7520 Thoracic Sympathetic Blockade 289.00 500.00 450.00
25150 Trigeminal Ganglion Blockade 335.00 650.00 600.00
25160 Trigeminal Ganglion Blockade Radiofreqency 619.00 850.00 800.00
A7300 Radiofrequency of a major nerve trunk 208.00 450.00 400.00
A7350 LA Blockade of a major trunk 208.00 450.00 400.00
X3750 Botox injection to muscle 91.00 250.00 200.00
X3770 Intramuscular injection under X-ray control 117.00 350.00 300.00

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